Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re at Work

Ever come home to a pair of chewed-up shoes? Although you may be inclined to put your pup in the dog house, the reason behind their destructiveness is simpler than you think. Dogs are sociable creatures, needing attention and companionship, just like us. Without activities, their loneliness and boredom transform to finding an outlet for their frustration. As busy dog owners ourselves, we’ve devised plenty of tactics to keep our dogs happy (and our shoes in one piece!). Scroll on for tips! 

1. Toys are a Dog’s Best Friend

Try a steady rotation of balls, chew toys or light-based puzzles to occupy your furry family. You’ll be grateful your pooch gnawed on their stuffed animal, not your couch! 

Looking for a more interactive toy? Try out an automatic dog ball launcher in a spacious room or your backyard. 

2. Tasty Treats

Eating can be a fun activity when paired with treat-dispensing toys. Find a hollow chew toy at your local pet store, fill it with peanut butter or grounded treats, and freeze it. On a hot day, this makes a refreshing snack that requires lots of licks from your dog 🙂

3. Turn the TV On

The sights and sounds of Animal Planet or DogTV, a channel created specifically for dogs, can help keep your pup stimulated. But, no judgment if you choose a classic like The Office instead; one of our favorite pooches watches it while their parents are at work! 

4. Leave a Look Out Spot

If you want to save your electricity bill, opt to keep blinds open. Dogs love to people watch just as much as we do. Keep a chair or pillow by the window to make sure they can see. Plus, passerbys seeing a dog inside your home discourages any thieves while you’re away.

5. Soothing Jams

Turn on the radio or a white noise playlist to distract your pup from outside noise, especially if you live in a city. Less scary, sudden noises = less barking for your neighbors to endure! 

6. Consider Adopting a Buddy

Although adding a family member can be difficult, a fellow dog or cat fills your pet’s need for socialization. Google compatible breeds and slowly introduce the pair to guarantee they’ll be companions. Who knows, you might come home to them snuggling!

7. Fun Fountains

If you choose to let your dog roam the backyard while you’re away, consider installing a mini fountain or sprinkler system. It’s the perfect way to keep them hydrated, cool, and active as they run through the splashes. 

8. Cozy Quarters

For when your pup needs a nap, make sure their bed isn’t worn down or dirty. Also, save your heating bill in the winter by leaving a few blankets nearby as well. This will hopefully motivate them to shed on their bed, not the couch 🙂

9. Keep in Contact

Invest in gadgets, like the Furbo or Petcube, that let you see and talk to your dog any time of day. By hearing your voice, your pup will calm down and you get peace of mind while you’re away! If they’ve been good (and not eaten your shoes), you can even toss them a treat from the pet cameras’ storage with the click of a button.

Don’t want a fancy gadget to check on your dog? Our Spotwalk family always sends plenty of insta-ready pics and a walk report in real-time to your inbox whenever we visit your pup. 

10. Hire a Dog Walker

Lots of outdoor exercises will keep your dog healthy, mentally and physically. Social stimulation with a trusted walker makes your pup happier and calmer for when you arrive home after a long day. 

Too busy to walk your pup? Spotwalk is here to help! Our family of Spotwalkers is experienced handling dogs of all ages and breeds. Learn more about our services and rates here or email us at [email protected] Your first walk is on us!

By Michelle Schwartzman

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