3 Tips for Surviving Summer Shedding

By Tessa Ho

I’m melting…

No matter the type of dog you own — long or short haired, undercoat or no — chances are you’ve got fur on your floor. And it gets especially worse when the months get hot (a your-dog-size tumbleweed of hair blows by in the desultory August afternoon).

Short of desperate measures, it’s not really feasible to stop your dog from shedding completely — but don’t worry! There are things you can do.

Thing 1: Grooming

“Does this cut make me look ferocious?”

Step one: In the beginning of the summer, do a big makeover! Take them to get professionally groomed, or break out the safety shears / brushes yourself. For long haired pups, getting a close shave that you then let grow out over the coming months will make a huge difference not just in shedding, but in your dog’s comfort and happiness in the heat.

“Brush me like one of your French girls”

Step two: a quick brush. After the big groom, adding daily brushing to your routine will help eliminate any excess fur that is just sitting on your dog and waiting to be removed, and will make a larger shed less possible!

Be sure to get the right brush: There are different types for different hair. A bristle brush is for short-haired dogs; rake brushes are for long-haired dogs, because they help brush out the undercoat; slicker brushes for removing debris, matted and knotted hair.

Step three: Bath time. Giving your pup a bath once or twice a month will help loosen up the excess fur and prevents it from spreading all over your house. Bathing with a high quality shampoo and conditioner can improve their coat and skin, thus keeping their fur in place for longer. Any loose fur that’s just waiting to detach can easily be washed off in a bath, with little fuss from your pup.

Thing 2: Getting the right cleaning tools

A vacuum cleaner is an absolute essential for any owner wanting to maintain a clean home and prevent allergens and furry dust bunnies. The key is to do more frequent vacuuming, just in smaller time blocks.

My dog doesn’t shed, she glistens.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a more convenient tool for this type of installment style, and can make vacuuming seem like less of a hassle – no more plugging in cords and getting tangled. Be sure to empty out the canister every other time or so — the freer the airways, the more hair you’ll pick up each session.

Roombas / self directed vacuums are a huge help if you’ve got a relatively flat living space without a lot of stairs.

Thing 3: Nutrition

A healthy coat definitely starts from the inside. As with humans, the right diet is key to improving both health and skin. Feeding them a diet high in healthy proteins, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E can smooth and soften your dog’s coat and help moisturize their skin, giving it a beautiful healthy sheen, and preventing too much fur falling out in the future 🙂


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