Old but Gold: How to Take Care of an Aging Dog

Here at Spotwalk, we see adorable dogs of all ages. Still, senior dogs hold a special place in our heart with their comforting demeanor and penchant for cuddles. Unlike puppies, they’re more likely to develop diseases so it’s super important to better their health. Read on for our top tips for a happy and healthy dog!

Keep up with Veterinary Visits

A certified veterinarian is key for prescribing necessary medicines and detecting degenerative diseases. Schedule regular, yearly visits and always ask for a body condition evaluation. This evaluation will make sure your dog is at their ideal body weight, thus lowering chances of diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.

Trust Your Gut

Next to your veterinarian, you know your dog better than anyone! Keep in mind changed behaviors, increased tiredness, stool, or food habits. If anything seems out of the ordinary, schedule a vet visit and relay that information.

Choose a Higher Quality Diet

As dogs age, their diet may need to be fortified with minerals or fatty acids. Take your vet’s advice on what supplements need to be added and opt for natural brands. Also, don’t forget to give ample water as it helps your dog digest and regulate their body temperature. 🙂

Diligent Dental Care

Dental diseases affect dogs of all age; however, it’s especially dangerous for older dogs whose bodies need proper nutrients to resist disease. Brush your pup’s teeth three to four times a week with canine toothpaste. Don’t forget: dental bones are a great reward for a cooperative dog!

Softer Surfaces

Senior dogs with arthritis will love you for soft bedding and rugs on hard flooring. Plus, towels and blankets save your dog from exertion when trying to warm up in the winter months!

Moderate Exercise

Although your furry friend may not chase squirrels as fast as they used to, walks and playtime are still advised! Be patient with your dog’s pace and take into account any joint pain and their size (a tiny Dachsund’s trip around the block is far more demanding than it would be for a Basset Hound).

Too busy to walk your senior pup? Spotwalk is here to help! Our family of Spotwalkers is experienced handling dogs of all ages. Learn more about our services and rates here or email us at [email protected] Your first walk is on us!

by Michelle Schwartzman

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