5 ways to make sure your pet knows you love them

We can’t talk to our pets to tell them we love them (or that stepping on their paw was an accident!) so we have to SHOW our love. The world knows they deserve it (and so so much more).

February 20th 2019 is National Love Your Pet Day! We are so excited about this — in fact, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you show your pet even more love! 🙂

Take a walk

This may seem obvious (and a basic necessity), but we’re not talking about your typical “let’s run to the hydrant on the corner” trek. Taking an extra long walk with your pup where you stop to let them smell every rose (and dirty puddle) is a treat for them, especially if it’s somewhere new! The dog park can be a special outing too, so that they can run around, play fetch and socialize with other furry friends! This will nicely tire them out, and that means a happy, sleepy pup all ready for cuddles!

Homemade treats

Sure, you can head to your local pet store or supermarket and buy something quick, but nothing beats a delicious freshly baked biscuit which will have your pet salivating! This recipe is super easy and delicious, and even something we would totally eat 😉

Cat Snuggles (or, not)

Show them you care with dedicated play time! Feather and string toys are favorites we’ve found, or just break out the catnip. Once you’ve got them all worked up and tired out, give some calming pets and couch snuggles. (Alternatively, if your kitty is the antisocial type, then do the opposite and just give your grumpy friend some space for once 😉

Spa Time

After all that walking and playing, that fuzz will definitely need a nice warm bath (maybe followed by a thorough brushing with some pet-safe moisturizing lotions to help keep their skin from drying out). If you’re brave, a teeth cleaning and nail trimming is the ultimate “I’m doing this for you” way to show your love (don’t worry, they’ll appreciate it in time).

Spoil Them Silly

This is your excuse to spoil them with that new bed you’ve always wanted to get with their name embroided on it! Or maybe you spotted a gorgeous little outfit, collar or leash, but had no occasion to buy it? Well, if not on national Love Your Pet Day… when else?

Have a blast spoiling your other half this holiday! And if you want them to have some extra love, go ahead and order some walks for them ;)!

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