How to Get Perfect Pup Pics for Your Instagram

You know your dog is the cutest dog in the world. But, every time you go to snag a pic, all you can see is a blur. Squirrels, dropped food and background changes set your dog off running before you snap the shot. Don’t worry, though! Without fancy cameras or apps, you can have an Insta-famous pooch. All you need is the tips below, a phone with a camera, and a little spare time.

Scope Your Surroundings

Know a great park or wall mural nearby? Have a snuggly looking bed that your dog loves to nap on? Any setting your pup is comfortable with is an option! Just double check that your background is clean; doggie bags and other trash aren’t quite photogenic.

If you’re outdoors, steer clear of harsh, bright sunlight. Shade is your friend! If you’d rather pose inside, soft lighting from sunny windows or overhead lamps works perfectly.

Either way, try to not use flash. It can startle your pet or cause a red-eye effect in photos.

Treats and Toys

Cameras can be a frightening foreign object to some dogs. To make sure your dog is comfortable with the camera, let them investigate it. Hold it out for them to sniff and show them there’s nothing to fear by taking pictures of nearby objects.

Once their fear is gone, have them look in your direction by holding a favorite toy or treat above the camera. Make them pause for a pic by giving them a sit, down, or stay command. When done, reward them! Puppy dog eyes have never been more modelesque 🙂

Camera Hacks

Some of the best pics are taken from a dog’s perspective! Lower yourself to their height and steady your elbows on your knees or a flat surface. This way, you’ll get a new angle without any shakiness.

If your dog is all over the place, embrace the action! Use burst shots, try special camera modes, or press onto their figure to focus your smartphone. Take lots of pictures and you can choose the least blurry later on.

Worst case scenario, take an Instagram Boomerang. The short, looped video lets your followers see just how active and fun your pup really is!

Get Creative!

Love Halloween? Dress your dog up in a cool costume and have them pose next to pumpkins! Are you and your pup attending a wedding? Put them in a bow tie or tutu in honor of the occasion. How about a botanical garden? Holidays, special events, and interesting city venues are amazing inspirations for your Insta feed.

Don’t forget to make a lovable caption! Use relevant hashtags and geotags to get likes from those with shared interests. Google dog puns and play around with point of view! It can be fun to act as if your dog wrote the caption themselves. Plus, connecting your Instagram to other social media accounts is sure to rope in friends and family all over the web.

No worries if your pup isn’t camera-ready yet! Here at Spotwalk, we’re committed to sending you plenty of cute snapshots when we’re walking your furry friend; just check your email inbox for a walk report! Grab some of those pics for your Instagram and you’re on your way to doggie fame.

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By Michelle Schwartzman

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