How to Bond with a New Puppy

Yay for new furry friends! Getting a new puppy is exciting and soon enough, the two of you are bound to be best buds. But first, you’ve got to lay some bonding groundwork. Although it takes patience and energy to build a lasting healthy relationship with your dog, having a pup to snuggle with at the end of a long day sure makes up for it. Scroll on for our tips to learn more!

Training Builds Trust

Whether you choose a private dog trainer or your own expertise, training is essential for new puppies. It reinforces your role as their leader and establishes two-way respect. Plus, you save your nice carpets from accidents or scratches. 🙂

Consistency is Key

Make an effort to create a schedule that works for both you and your dog. Establish regular feeding, potty and walk times. They may deviate, as pups have a lot to learn; however, with a bit of patience and a steady routine, your dog will get the hang of things quickly. When they follow the rules, reward them with petting, smiles, and an occasional treat.

Play Together

Games, like fetch and tug of war, are awesome for puppy happiness and activity levels. You subconsciously remind them that you’re the benevolent leader who can be lots of fun, too. Take fetch, for example: they see you as kind for letting them have the ball or bone while understanding you’re the boss that controls access.

Tons of Time

The more time you spend with your pup, the more your bond will grow. Try letting them explore their new home and any other pets you may have in your home from a distance. You don’t always have to smother them in cuddles (even though it’s so hard not to!). Soon enough, they’ll run back to you for belly rubs.

Put on Your Sneakers!

Help your dog get to know your neighborhood by taking them on regular walks (although, it may take awhile to get them out the door at first). Heading outdoors is great exercise for both of you and your pup can learn to properly socialize with other animals and humans. Plus, it’s never too soon for some outdoor potty training!

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By Michelle Schwartzman

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