I need to talk to you guys right away! What’s the fastest way to contact you?
[email protected]
If you’re an existing client and need to make changes, ask questions, or get in touch with your walker, the fastest way is to just email us at [email protected] It’s our admin account, monitored all day every day by all of us, so we never miss anything from you or your pet! If it’s an emergency, please call 911.

Getting Started

How do I get started?
Easy! There are 3 steps for you to create your account and start your pet profile. You can do almost everything online.
Just head to “Getting Started”.

Can I have a meet & greet?
Certainly! We love to come by and meet pets (though a meet and greet is not required to get started). Meet & greets are an optional way for you to get to meet one of your Spotwalkers beforehand. We assign you a dedicated team of walkers, so whenever you order we always have someone on call. During a m&g one of your main folks will 1. make sure your dedicated team of has all your information, 2. situate your keys if needed, and most importantly 3. get to know your pet 🙂
How to order a meet & greet:
1. Hop to the order page on your account.
2. Place a single walk order at a time that’s convenient for you!
3. Finally, please shoot us an email at [email protected] letting us know you ordered a visit for a meet & greet, and giving us a couple of other options for dates & time ranges that you’re free. This way we can still send your best-matched walker, just in case they’re not available at that first time.

Are your walkers insured?
Yes! We are fully insured and bonded. We have a small, tight-knit and amazing family of walkers, and each of them undergoes an intensive interview process, in-depth background check, harness test, and shadowing of multiple walks. They are all amazing, caring animal lovers, and you can see their faces and bios at http://spotwalk.com/family/

Will I always have the same walker?
We do our best to have the same walker develop a bond with your pet! We assign you a few main Spotwalkers to get to know you and be your go-to folks. Then of course we also provide backup walkers for you whenever your main person isn’t available. One of the things people love about us is that we’re always there & available for you, no matter what, because we’re able to provide a backup walker (who is someone else’s main walker) at all times.

What areas do you cover?
Downtown Philadelphia and Washington DC!

We cover most of the Philly Metro area, from Brewerytown to Kensington, across to Queens Village, down to Grad hospital, and through West Philly as well.

Serving Washington DC neighborhoods Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, West End, Adams Morgan, 14th Street, Shaw, SW, Navy Yard, Columbia Heights, Penn Quarter.

Ordering & Scheduling

What are your prices?
The more your order, the cheaper the visits get! A single half hour walk starts at $20, but if you’re setting up a subscription (repeating weekly walks), they can drop down to $16 per visit. Check out our pricing by logging in and adding things to your cart, or hop to our rates layout.

How do I start?
Easy! Create your account here. It’s 4 steps and once you’re set up you’ll be all ready to order visits 🙂

How do I place an order for non-repeating walks?

  1. Head to “Book visits” in your account
  2. Select your date, time(s) (you can pick more than one day on the calendar  for a single date) and hit save.
  3. Confirm and checkout on the right!

I want to set up repeating walks. How do I get on your subscription?
If your schedule stays the same every week, we can set you up with a weekly recurring discount walks subscription!

  1. Head to “Book visits” in your account and select “Weekly Recurring visits” underneath “book visits”
  2. Select your dates (you can pick more than one day at a time on the calendar), time, enter notes and feeding info, and hit save.
  3. Confirm and checkout on the right!
  4. Your card will be billed that amount each week, and we’ll have you on our calendar at those exact dates & times ongoing, until you tell us different!

What’s the difference between weekly walks and single walks?
Weekly walks (“Weekly Recurring visits”) happen at the same time and on the same days every week. They are discounted because they’re much easier to schedule ongoing. When you order weekly walks, the site automatically signs you up for a recurring weekly subscription that bills your credit card each Saturday before your upcoming walks that week.
Single walks (“One-time visits”) you can order at any time, and the billing does not recur.

I have a subscription but want to add an extra walk that doesn’t repeat. How do I order additional visits?

  • Head to “Book visits” in your account
  • Select your date, time, enter any notes and hit save.
  • Confirm and checkout on the right!

How far in advance do I have to order? What if I need a walk last minute?
If you order more than 2 days (48 hours) in advance, you’re golden!
We also understand you can’t always schedule life, and we love to jump in to help whenever we can. We’ll help book at the last minute as much as our schedule allows, and the site will add short notice extras automatically on a sliding scale after 48 hours: the more time before the visit when you order, the lower the late charge; the closer to the walk time, the higher the amount.

How do I know I’m all set?
If you’re a set-up client and place an order two days in advance, then we’ve got you! You’ll get a confirmation email so you know we received your order. Then you can see your schedule on your my visits tab. In the extremely rare (in fact, as of yet never) case that we can’t cover a walk ordered with 48 hours notice, you will hear from us right away. So once ordered, consider yourself covered!

What happens if I cancel or need to reschedule a visit?
No problem, just give us 48 hours notice! You can hop to your calendar and cancel there anytime.
If something comes up last minute, that’s ok too! After 48 hours, the more time before the visit when you cancel, the more refund you get; the closer to the walk time, the lower the refund. If we arrive but can’t access the house or the dog isn’t available, we charge the same as for the walk.

Are there visit cancellation fees?
Yes, we do want to cover our walkers for holding the time for you. If you give us 48 hours notice, rescheduling and canceling comes with full refund! After 48 hours, the more time before the visit, the more refund you get; the closer to the walk time, the lower the refund. If we arrive but can’t access the house or the dog isn’t available, we charge the same as for the walk.

I need to cancel an overnight!
We know things come up! No problem. Give us one week notice and we’ll refund you in full minus any credit card fees.
With less than a week’s notice, we charge extra to cover your overnight sitter’s booked time: $20 charge for less than a week. With 4 days or fewer advance notice it’s a $20 charge per night. Less than 48 hours is a half refund per night. Day of is full charge.

What time will my walk happen? I see time blocks but want my specific time!
We actually always do our best to reach you as close to your requested time as possible! In fact, while you see that time block, but we only see your exact, requested time, and can usually get there within a half hour on either side of that time. We schedule in those blocks just to make sure we can send the best walker for you — we’d rather send your regular person a half hour off your exact time, than someone else who’s new, just because they’re available at your exact time.

How do I make adjustments to my schedule?
You can hop to my visits and manage your calendar there anytime. If you’re having trouble, you can also always email us at [email protected]! We’re here to help 🙂

How can I let my walker know I need them to do something on a specific visit?
  1. Log in to your account and head to your schedule.
  2. Click on the visit in question, and put your updates in the Notes field. This will show up front & center for your walker on that visit only.
  3. New ongoing instruction (not just for one visit)? Head to your visit instructions in your pet profile, and update those ongoing instructions that show up for each visit. For per-pet updates like feeding, harness, and meds, click on “edit pet” and enter corresponding box (Eg. new medication to give on each visit? Add it to the “medications” area.)

How do I contact my walker directly?
Email us at [email protected] and we’ll make sure they see it! We generally don’t give out direct walker contact info for everyone’s safety, and because you’ve got a team of folks at your service: If texts start going back and forth between one of your team members and you, important information is very likely to get lost! So we try to keep all the info in the app, which goes directly to your walker team. This way, if someone else on your main team is coming, they still have all the important info right in front of them.

Care Questions

Can you walk both of my dogs?
Certainly. You can simply add an extra dog for $5 when you order.

Can you feed my dogs?
Of course! Just note it when you order walks, and you’ll be all set. No extra charge.

Can you give them medicine?
Yes! We can give small pills and the occasional inhalers, drops, or cream. However, we will not give injections or unduly complex or dangerous procedures. Just note dosage, times, and indicators when you order walks, and you’ll be all set. No extra charge.

Can I give you a check?
No, thank you. We use Stripe to process all of our payments so we take all major credit cards.

What if there’s a change to any information I gave during the meet and greet?
Update your pet profile any time! If you need something specific, you can always email us at [email protected]! We’re here to help 🙂

What if I move?
Email us at [email protected]! We’re here to help 🙂