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Pet Sitting designed to give them love & care like you never left

Why we're rated #1 on Yelp

Why Spotwalk is Yelp’s #1 rated Philly dog sitting.

We’re a small, local family that cares


We’re small team of real, local people, and we care for your pet like part of our family. We’re Philly born and raised, and animal lovers through and through.

The Spotwalker guarantee

no wondering, we're coming  

Walkers and sitters are the most important part of what we do. We are extremely picky and careful. Our walkers are highly trained, vetted, and many work with us for years. We do multiple intensive interviews, run in depth background checks, administer harness tests… in the end we only work with around 5% of applicants.

Overnight pet sitting in your home


Our Overnight Pet Sitting package is a full day and night of pet care! Since pets are usually more comfy staying in their own environment, we come to you and stay over to provide lots of love & care for as long as you need us 🙂

Tech for the right reasons


We’ve got all the technology the big guys have, but we use it for the right reasons: to protect your pet, to send consistent walkers, to oversee your visits, and to make sure you know just what’s going on.

4 walks a day, all-night pet sitting starting at $89

Our Overnight Pet Sitting package is designed to not interrupt your pet’s routine: it’s as though you’re still home, on a regular work schedule.

– Your walker will arrive around 7pm on the first night.

– Your pup gets an evening 30 minute walk on arrival, before dinner.

– We run out for another quick stroll just before bedtime.

– We stay overnight in whatever room you prefer, for cuddles, care, and attention!

– In the morning we go out for a morning 30 minute walk, and depart around 8 or 9am.

– We return midday for an additional 30 minute walk, also included in the price.

Updates all day 🙂

You’ll know just how everything is going, all day! You’ll get multiple regular email updates each day with:

Notes & Photos

A timed, live-tracked map of the walks we take!

EMailMap 2

It’s all for the fuzzies

Our dream is to make pet ownership easier, so more dogs and cats can find happy homes.

Send over an Overnight request, and we’ll help you get all set!

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  • Single walks

  • 20$ per walk
  • Discount price for 6+ walks ordered at a time
  • $24 for a single walk
  • Get walks

  • Cat sitting

  • 20$ per walk
  • Discount price for 6+ visits ordered at a time
  • $24 for a single visit
  • Get walks

  • Dog sitting

  • 89$ per day
  • A stay-at-home, overnight cuddle fest
  • Morning, afternoon & evening walks
  • Get overnights