We care deeply about all members of our Spotwalk family, whether they be pets, parents, or walkers. We ask that as part of our community, all members always do their best to be kind, respectful, and helpful to all others. Everyone in the Spotwalk community is doing their very best (we know because we do our best to only work with those who care about the wellbeing of all of us). We believe that not just here, but as a community as a whole, it’s our group responsibility to make sure other members are healthy, cared for, and away from harm.

For Our Spotwalkers:

  1. Safety first. 
    Never take a dog outside unless you are completely sure that the leash, harness, and collar are all securely attached and that the pet is entirely under your control. 
  2. Be gentle, kind, and respectful to all animals and people. All pets must be safe in your care. Also be mindful of other pets and people you may meet, like roommates, neighbors, and passersby. Keep our animals safe from them, and them safe from our animals. 
  3. Do not take your responsibility lightly. You are often the front lines of protection and care for pets and their homes, so we always want to be alert, attentive, and aware of our grave responsibility. Tight harnesses, secure homes & doors, and generally steady hands are essential. You obviously may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during any of your visits. 
  4. Be respectful of the pet’s home, and the building/area in which they live. Do not allow a pet to damage their parent’s floors, furniture, or other items. Clean up if they do. Make sure that you take great care of their home and treat it like your own.
  5. Have integrity. We treat homes and client items with reverence. In fact, the likelihood is you’re being watched at all times by in-home cameras. Regardless, we always act respectfully and tell the truth about how long we were there and what we did in the home. 
  6. Take good photos and caring notes. The more you care about the animals in your charge, the more that will shine through in your walk report, and the more parents will trust you to care for their loved ones.
  7. Always leave the front door the way you found it, and always check twice. Incorrectly leaving a door unlocked or locked can be expensive (best case) or dangerous (worst case).
  8. Be reliable. When you accept a walk, overnight, or regular pet, that’s a promise. Only accept these if you can be sure you can do that walk regularly and be there for the pet that is relying on you. If you have an emergency and can’t get to a walk you’ve already accepted, contact us immediately so we can send a backup and make sure that pet is well taken care of.
  9. Be on time. The closer you can get to being right on the dot of the ordered time, the happier pets and their parents are. 
  10. Go far. We always want to be out for as long as possible with the pups unless asked otherwise. 
  11. Do not take dogs to dog parks. As much as we love dog parks, they can be a risky environment where we can’t guarantee everybody’s safety. Our goal is to be in control at all times, and in dog parks we’re not in control: of our pup, or of other peoples’. 
  12. Clean up. We love our pets, and sometimes they love our…trash. If a pup has made a mess when you get there, help out and tidy up! This is a safety issue as well — we don’t want to leave potentially dangerous things out to be eaten.
    For cats, parents want to see a photo of the clean litter box and the full food bowl, and to come home to a house that doesn’t smell. If the cat has found creative places to show her disapproval of mom being gone, sniff them out and clean them up. 
  13. Do your best to honor the owners requests. As long as the request follows the Spotwalk guidelines, we want to make sure everyone gets what they need.

For any Spotwalker we deem to not be following our guidelines, we may remove you from our platform at our discretion.

For Our Pet Parents:

  1. Safety first.
    Please do your best to provide us all of the tools and information we need to perform your visit safely. Don’t request anything of your walker that might jeopardize their safety, break local laws, or violate these guidelines or our terms of service.
  2. Make sure your pet is up to date on all their vaccinations.
  3. Use an industry-standard harness, collar, and leash combination that is recognized as being safe and reliable and checked regularly for safety. 
  4. Do not order visits if your pet is aggressive toward people or other animals. As much as we love all of our pets, it is not fair to our walkers to put them in harm’s way. It’s also unsafe and unhappy for your pet to put them in a position to cause harm to their caregivers.
  5. Keep your information up to date for us! The more and more correct data you give us, the better we’ll be able to serve you. Everything from the status of your lockbox to where you keep the food is relevant and important to us being able to do the best we can for you and your pet.
  6. Give us your emergency information. Don’t forget to fill out information on your veterinarian, an emergency contact (that isn’t yourself), and your vaccination info to give us the tools to ensure your pet, walker, and home are safe in case of emergency.
  7. Finally, please be kind and understanding. Your walkers and our staff are human beings. We care deeply and will more often than not go out of our way to help a pet in need. We can’t always control all outcomes, but if we make a mistake, we’ll do what we can to make things right. If we’ve made our policies clear and you still have needs or expectations outside of those policies, we can also offer suggestions for services that are a better fit for you and your pet.

We reserve the right to remove pet parents from our platform and no longer provide services to them if we deem them to not be following our community guidelines. 

For Our Pets:

  1. Safety first.
    Please do not bite, scratch, or jump on any people or other animals no matter how hungry, playful, or scared you might be.
  2. Be respectful of your parents’ property. Try to avoid chewing or throwing up on pillows, shoes, trash, or other objects that your parents probably paid a lot of money for.
  3. Please do not use the bathroom inside (or outside of your designated litter area). It’s much nicer for your parents and their friends if you wait until you are outside of your home and away from places people might be (like doors and public entrances, carpets and beds).
  4. Wait patiently, we’ll be back soon. Your parents will make sure that you are taken care of and fed regularly, and we promise they will be home just as soon as they can be. Remember — it’s not forever! (Forever is a concept of time… Ok, time is a thing that… ok just ask your mom).