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Curing the Vacation vs. Dog Sitting Blues

Vacations are great. Leaving your best friend is not. As pet owners, one of the first things we have to deal with when we’re going away is what to do with Fluffy. “Can my dad watch her? What about that person from the dog park? No wait, she was nice at first but she didn’t […]

5 ways to make sure your pet knows you love them

We can’t talk to our pets to tell them we love them (or that stepping on their paw was an accident!) so we have to SHOW our love. The world knows they deserve it (and so so much more). February 20th 2019 is National Love Your Pet Day! We are so excited about this — […]

Top 5 tips for bringing home your new puppy

Summer is Puppy Season! It’s so exciting to welcome a new puppy into your home, but lots of folks don’t realize how hard these early days can be. Here are 5 helpful tricks to make those first few days more fun and enjoyable for everyone. 1. Get the house ready beforehand (toys are a must) Nesting […]