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How To Walk Your Dog — 5 Tips from the Pros

If you’ve never taken a dog out for a walk by yourself before, the first time can be daunting. Maybe you’re dog-sitting for a friend, or maybe you’re interested in dog-walking as a means of income. If you’re lucky, maybe you even have a brand new canine buddy of your own! Whatever the reason, it’s […]

The Complete Guide to Camping with Dogs

You don’t have to leave your dogs at home on your next trip Hiking and camping with your dog doesn’t have to be a challenge. Not only can you bring your pup along to many campgrounds, but it can be incredibly rewarding for you and your furry best friend. Still, if you and your dog […]

How to Get Perfect Pup Pics for Your Instagram

You know your dog is the cutest dog in the world. But, every time you go to snag a pic, all you can see is a blur. Squirrels, dropped food and background changes set your dog off running before you snap the shot. Don’t worry, though! Without fancy cameras or apps, you can have an […]