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Set up your existing account in 1 step! Our new system is live — now you can set up your walk subscription there and be in control of your own pet profile 🙂

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This subscription bills you automatically each week for your regular & repeating walks — no hassle or fuss!

To order:
1. Select half hour or hourlong walk length.
2. List the day(s) and time(s) each week you'd like visits in the text box below.
3. Enter the number of walks you'd like each week in the number box at the bottom.
4. Your card will be signed up for an automatically renewing subscription, billing you that amount each week. So you can set it and rest assured we've got you on our schedule ongoing!

More walks per week, more discounts!

  • 1 walk a week — $20
  • 2-3 walks a week $2 off — $18 per half hour walk
  • 4 walks and up a week $4 off — $16 per half hour walk


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List the dates & times you’d like visits! Also include any notes (Should we feed your pet? Crate her? Let us know when / on which walks).