Overnight pet sitting package


Please note we need at least a week’s notice for overnight booking!

No pet is lonely when they have a Spotwalker. With dog sitting

  • Your walker will arrive around 7 or 8pm and stay overnight with your pet, departing around 8am.
  • Your pup gets an evening (on arrival) walk, as well as a quick before-bed stroll.
  • We stay overnight for cuddles, care, and attention!
  • In the morning we go out for a morning walk.
  • We can also return midday for a regular half hour walk, included in the price!
  • You’ll get regular updates throughout with photos, messages, and notes on your dog’s well being

To order, just enter the number of nights (eg. Want us to arrive Thursday evening and leave Sunday morning? Enter 3) in the “Add to cart” box below.

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List the dates & times you’d like visits! Also include any notes (Should we feed your pet? Crate her? Let us know when / on which walks).



Pack your peace of mind. We’ll make sure your pets are happy, calm, and cared for while you’re away. No more kennel anxiety or scrambling to find a sitter.