7 Ways to Tell Your Dog You Love Them

With Valentines Day right around the corner love is in the air. Your dog shows you love every day. One of the biggest draws of pet ownership is that unconditional love a pet shows you. Nothing beats the greeting after a long day of work or a pup leaning on you during a nice pet session. As dog walkers and owners we see and feel this every day, a perk of the job if you will. We’ve made a list of 7 ways you can show your pup some love this Valentines Day.

Cuddle Time

Dogs are pack animals. Their instinct is to be with their pack, which in the modern day is you! In the wild, wolves sleep and relax together. To show your love take a nap with your pup of snuggle up to a good movie (may I suggest Air Bud, Homeward Bound or the Secret Life of Pets). This is great bonding time and an excellent way for you both to recharge.

Gaze Into Their Eyes

There’s always that thought in every pet-owners mind of ‘I wish you could speak’. Dogs can understand around 160 words, but unfortunately, they can not speak back (yet). Body language is incredibly important in communication with your pet. In our New Years Resolution article we spoke about the importance of learning your dog’s language. This is part of that. Gazing into your dog’s eyes is a deep relationship of trust and comfort.

Rub Their Ears

Sure the head pat is a tradition for the ‘good boy’ in your life, but take it a bit further and watch that puppy turn into jello before your eyes. Dogs love a good ear rub, so take some time to make your dog happy.

Learn A New Trick

In our busy lives, it can be tough to give our four-legged friends the mental stimulation they need. Learning a new trick is an important moment for you and your dog. Not only will it impress your friends and family, but it will give your pup more to focus on and they will be more satisfied in the process. Plus, this is an amazing time to bond and grow closer to your pet.

Take a Trip to The Park

This one is simple- take them to the park. Maybe their favorite park or maybe somewhere new. Getting exercise is key to a healthy and happy dog. While most dogs love a good snuggle, those little balls of energy need to let loose. So take the time to go out in the great outdoors to get some fresh air. It’ll be good for both of you and your pup will thank you for it!

Use More Facial Expressions

As mentioned above, your dog relies heavily on body language to understand you and communicate with you. Facial expressions tell a lot for an animal. Building up that communication deepens the bond you have with your pet.

Put Your Phone Down

This is a rule for any good date- PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Be present with your dog, sure it’s easy to get lost in a social wormhole while giving pets, but your dog knows the difference. If you’re spending time with your dog, actually spend the time. Pay attention to them, you might learn something new and have a pretty good time in the process.

Whether it’s a relaxed night in or an excellent adventure, treat the one who loves you the most this Valentines Day.

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