2019 Spotwalk Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be wondering, “what do I get the pet that has it all?” Don’t you worry, we have you covered with a list of gifts that you and your fur babies will absolutely love!

Good Boy Dog Beer

Nothing is better than kicking back with a cold one and some good friends. Unfortunately, your favorite brew is not healthy for your best friend to partake in. Luckily, there’s a solution! Good Boy Dog Beer is a beer created specifically for your four-legged friend. Dog Beer is created in the same way as regular beer but without the fermentation and hops (alcohol and hops are both toxic for dogs). This beverage is a nutritious treat that can be enjoyed over food or in a bowl. The brews come in four amazing flavors including IPA a lot in the front yard, Mailman Malt Licker, Session… Squirrel and Crotch Sniffin’ Ale. This gift is the perfect way to celebrate with your furry friend. Cheers!

AquaPaw Dog Bath Glove

As a seasoned dog-father to notably difficult to bath pups, this accessory has been a dream come true. Getting under all the fur and keeping my pups clean has always been a challenge. The Aqua Paw makes bathing a breeze, both with the lathering and rinsing. You’ll be happy to have a squeaky clean pup and your dog will be happy with the ease and speed of the dreaded bath.

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

This should be a mainstay in pet owners’ arsenal. Having a water bottle/bowl combo makes playtime a piece of cake. Keep your pupper hydrated on the go with this all-in-one accessory.

Chill Mat Cooling Comfort Gel Pet Mat

Most dogs tend to run warm, and while the cushy fuzzy comfort bed may be great under some circumstances, sometimes a dog just wants to chill out. The cooling comfort gel mats are a great option to keep your pets cool and comfortable year-round.

Wilder Dog Leashes

Leashes are an important accessory for a dog. Style and function are key. Wilder Dog creates “Gear for Dogs on Adventures”. The company was built from loving dog owners going camping and hiking with their furry friends. While not every dog owner is climbing mountains with their pup, Wilder Dog leashes are sturdy and fashionable. Plus they have a lifetime warranty, are made in the USA and portions of each purchase go towards benefiting shelters around the country.

Chippin Snacks

Created by two students from our local University of Penn, Chippin Snacks is a healthy snack sustainably made with proteins from crickets. Chippin’s goal is to create a product that is environmentally conscious and packed with nutrients for your pet. Crickets produce no methane, only require one gallon of water per pound of edible protein (beef requires around 2,000 gallons!) and are full of nutrition. On top of that Chippin Snacks has partnered with Trenton-based Terracycle to created packaging from recycled materials. Chippin Snacks are not only a delicious treat your pet will love, but are also focused on making a difference in this world.

DNA Test

For this holiday season, it might be time your dog took a DNA test to find out if she is really 100% that bitch. DNA testing has grown in popularity for humans and canines alike over the years. While you’ll love your rascally furry friend regardless of what type of dog they are, it might be interesting to learn all that makes your four-legged friend.


This is a favorite toy in our household. This toy combines the classic squeaky plush doll with a puzzle to keep your pup entertained. The puzzle element helps your dog develop problem-solving skills. There are a lot of toys out there that your pup will love, but the Hide-a-Squirrel is multiple toys in one and a tried and true crowd-pleaser.

Molly Mutt Bed

It’s a fact, your dog loves you. One of the best parts of pet ownership is that unconditional love that welcomes you at the door when you come home. Our pets feel comfort with their owners. The sense of smell plays a big part in a dog’s life and Molly Mutt has a solution for those times your pet is lonely. Molly Mutt sells various beds and covers, but their most interesting one is a bed that is meant for you to put your old clothing in. This will give the bed your smell and give your dog the comfort of being close to you when you are not around.

Furbo Dog Camera

Our busy lives usually means that we have to leave our trusted best friends home alone. Luckily with digital technology advancements, we are able to see what they are up to at home. Furbo has taken this camera idea up a notch and created a product for dog owners to watch and treat their dogs while they’re away. Furbo is the camera that shoots treats out for your pet to enjoy. This is a great training tool and will please owners and pets alike.

Custom Dog Planter

Being away from your pet is incredibly difficult. Hiring an amazing pet care company like Spotwalk can help alleviate the stress, but you will always miss those fluffy faces while you work hard to bring home the bacon. Luckily you can get a custom dog planter to liven up your desk. Utilizing 3D printing technology and an artist’s touch, these Etsy sellers have created a present that is a spitting image of your pup.

Holiday shopping can be a real pain, hopefully, this takes some stress out of the process and gives you great ideas for the dog or pet owner in your life. Happy Holidays from the whole Spotwalk team. 🙂

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