10 New Years Resolutions for You and Your Pet

New Years Resolutions can be for your pup too! These are typically goals we set for ourselves to accomplish in the new year, but it’s also important we set goals for our pets. In fact, one study found that 61% of pet owners actively make New Years Resolutions for their pets. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 New Years Resolutions to consider for 2020:

You Are What You Eat

One of the most common New Years Resolutions for humans is to eat better. This should be considered for dogs as well. Your pet’s nutrition is important to your pet’s health. Pet obesity causes diseases and shortens the life of your furry friend. Finding the right diet can help your pet live it’s best life.

Time to Get Physical

Another favorite human resolution is getting physically fit. Making sure your pet has the proper amount of activity is not only good for their physical health, but also for their mental health. Physical activity reduces stress and can help curb behavioral problems such as separation anxiety. This is especially important for puppies and kittens, but pets of all ages could always use a bit more time running around.

Go on an Adventure

This is a good one for both pet and owner. Get out and go somewhere new! It doesn’t have to be far or exotic, there are likely untapped gems in your backyard. For Philadelphia dog owners this could be checking out some hidden gem dog parks like hiking at the off-leash dog trails of Rolling Hill Park or playing in the creek at Lloyd Park in Downingtown. Changing the scenery will surely make your pup happy and will give you an opportunity to bond with your pet while seeing something new.

Check-in with your Vet

Yearly vet appointments are key to your pet’s health. Early detection of disease can help get your furry friend on the right treatment and save you money in the long run. Additionally, you can get an expert opinion on dietary needs and behavioral problems.

Learn Some New Tricks

It turns out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks after all. Mental stimulation is important for your pet. Training classes are one great way for them to learn something new. Learning new tricks, practicing old tricks at home or playing with puzzles can also stimulate your dog’s mind. Whatever it is- tricks, puzzles or training will help keep your pet’s brain sharp for years to come.

Clean Your Pets Stuff

Your pets slobber and shed a lot! It’s probably not on the top of your mind to clean your pet’s stuff, but this year let’s make it a priority. Cleaning your pet’s things will help with skin allergies and kill bacteria that could cause issues for your four-legged friend. And while the obvious might be their bed and blanket, it’s important to also consider their collar and toys.

Work on Better Hygiene

Nobody likes a smelly pet, but it is important hygiene for your pet to feel comfortable. While cats tend to keep pretty clean on their own, your canine friends definitely need some help to avoid matting and skin issues. Dogs should be bathed at least once every two weeks and should be brushed often. Dental hygiene is also important, not just for better breath, but to avoid a slew of diseases and health problems that may occur. You don’t have to be a show dog mom, but showing a little extra love to your pet’s hygiene can go a long way for their comfort and health.

Learn How to Better Communicate

Your dog or cat forms a special bond with you and the language you speak is unspoken. Body language plays a huge role for communication with your pet. They sense when you are stressed, angry or happy based on your body language and you should be able to see when they are anxious, scared or excited based on their body cues. Take some time to really build that bond this year. Look for cues and react, take time to really understand what your pet is saying. This will strengthen your bond, build trust and hopefully lead to a deeper relationship.

Volunteer, Foster or Adopt at Your Local Shelter

This time of year shelters are flooded. Pet abandonment, unfortunately, spikes around the holidays. This means there are dogs and cats that need some extra love. While it would be great if everyone could adopt a new companion, there are also other ways you can do your part to help. Reach out to your local shelter or an animal rescue to see what type of volunteer opportunities are available

Here’s to a happy and fruitful 2020 for you and your pet.

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