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Reliable, friendly, & family-run dog walking and cat sitting in Philadelphia & Washington, DC


We connect you with a main Spotwalker when you set up a subscription, and assign you a dedicated team of backups for whenever your main person isn’t available. We’re all bonded & insured animal lovers.


With us, you’re always covered


Your one stop to manage your pet care. Order visits, set up a weekly subscription, manage your schedule. It’s easy to update your pet’s profile any time.

You can see and manage your pet profile on your account.

Your team gets your up-to-the-minute info


Know what’s going on at all times. After every dog walk and cat visit you’ll get an email with:

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And a timed, live-tracked map
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It’s fuzzy feelings straight to your inbox 🙂

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Our dream is to make pet ownership easier, so more dogs and cats can find happy homes.

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Philadelphia & Washington, DC

Philadelphia (267) 647-9255 & DC (202) 417-7641

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Now for a limited time, new clients signing up for a regular, recurring schedule can get their first dog walk (cuddles and wags included) on us!


  • Single walks

  • 18$ per walk
  • Discount price for 4+ walks ordered at a time
  • $20 for a single walk
  • Get walks

  • Cat sitting

  • 18$ per walk
  • Discount price for 4+ visits ordered at a time
  • $20 for a single visit
  • Get walks

  • Dog sitting

  • 89$ per day
  • A stay-at-home, overnight cuddle fest
  • Morning, afternoon & evening walks
  • Get overnights

Where we walk

Philadelphia, PA

19103 & surrounding

Washington, DC

19103 & surrounding